Spread Love, Not Covid


Emma Knight, Staff Reporter

St. Valentine’s day originated in Rome during the 5th century. During this time period, Pope Gelasius I replaced the Roman festival Lupercalia with the modern celebration we know today as Valentine’s Day. This ancient holiday was celebrated in a much different way centuries ago than it is today. It wasn’t until the 17th century, that Great Britain started the tradition of handwritten love notes and gifting candy.
Fast forward many years later, this lovely tradition has taken hold in modern American culture. Grocery stores and card companies thrive during this gifting season. In fact, most card companies rely on this holiday because it is their busiest time of the year.
During the pandemic, it can be hard to enjoy this season. A great way to spread love during this hard time is by sending your friends and family friendly notes or even sending fellow Northlake students cookie grams or singing telegrams. One important way you can show your Valentine’s Day spirit is by being kind to everyone, and treating the people in your life with respect. Remember, have fun during this Valentine’s season, and spread love to those around you.