The Blacklight Dance


Reporters~Ava Samm and Carlee Garrison

7 February 2022

On February 4th Northlake celebrated their first Blacklight dance.  Described as “electric, fun and laid back” by our very own principle, Mrs. Vega.  The flash mobs were amazing with the  electrifying energy in the gym.  The leadership council went all out with the decorations and the advertisement to the class body.  The dance’s theme was neon lights, with neon light sticks decorating each table and the DJ’s lights blasting across the room.  The soundtrack for the dance was a bit boring.  The school dances would be more enjoyable if the DJ played more relevant music instead of music only from the 2000s.  Besides the outdated music, if you went to the dance with your friends then it was a good night.  Though a few people were talking about how it should have been less casual and more formal because it made it feel like forced fun.  The dance allowed students to let loose. With exams only a few months away it gives students a night to enjoy themselves.