NEW Bath and Body works! Pt2


Reporter: Ava Samm 

18 January 2022

Last week I did an article on new products from Bath and Body. I have taken it upon myself to get different opinions on a few of these products I have bought.

New collection  ‘Among the Clouds’ candle description: soaring through the clouds—airy, uplifting and sweet. Fragrance: wild berry skies and whipped vanilla clouds.

  • My Opinion- lightly smells like berries and a weird perfume
  • Mrs. Thomas- smells like Popuri(leaves and sticks, used by older people)
  • Carley-flora smelling
  • Kameryn- fruity
  • Lola-  grandma’s house
  • Daniel- grandma
  • Kate- smells like the Kirklands store


‘Lavender Vanilla’ set candle description: a dreamy bedside bouquet. Fragrance: lavender blossom, creamy vanilla, white woods and sugared musk.

  • My Opinion- smells more vanilla than Lavender, I don’t mind it
  • Ms.Eaglin- smells just like the name


‘Cozy Linen’ candle description: a heap of so-soft, so-cozy blankets.

Fragrance: lily of the valley petals, sweet orange and cotton musks

  • My Opinion: heavily smells like Downy blue fragrance beads, love it
  • Mrs Thomas- smells like freshly clean wet clothes
  • Carley- strong, sheets
  • Kameryn- dryer sheets
  • Lola- laundry beads
  • Kate- laundry detergent, when you open the laundry machine
  • Daniel- laundry 


‘Laundry Day’ candle description:a basket of laundry, fresh from the clothesline. Fragrance: fresh air, crisp eucalyptus and soft lavender.

  • My Opinion: smells slightly like washing machines fragrance beads, with slight flowery smell
  • Mrs.Thomas- Tide or Gain detergent
  • Carley- blue scent booster
  • Kameryn- Gain detergent
  • Lola- Detergent
  • Kate- Stuff you make slime with
  • Daniel- Slime

 ‘Rose Vanilla’, the body cream description: a sweet, smooth floral created to inspire all the love. Fragrance: rose essential oil and vanilla absolute.

  • Ms. Eaglin and I didn’t like it at first, for it smelled like chocolate and we are not into food smells. Yet after a few minutes, it smelled more like roses. Ms. Eaglin smelled more of a vanilla smell than I did.