Opinion: Why we should have Intramural Sports at Northlake


Colton Leggett, Staff Reporter

Participating in sports, whether in a more relaxed environment, such as in a PE class, or being on a sports team, is a nice way to bond with classmates and challenge one’s competitive nature. As a student body, we should bring Intramural Sports to Northlake.

Many would enjoy the opportunity to have fun with peers in a low-stakes way by competing in Intramural Sports. Without the added pressure to really win a game, it would all just be for fun. Games could take place during designated times such as activity period or on evening nights. This creates a relaxed environment where students not normally used to competing in an athletic event could participate. It also provides an opportunity for those who do play sports to enjoy different sports for fun.

Those interested can create a team made up of friends or classmates, which would play against other teams. The teams could include sports such as football, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, wiffle ball, etc.

Intramural Sports would be a great addition to introduce the start of next school year. Faculty or fellow students can “ref” the games and determine the final score or outcome. There could even be a bracket set up to go all the way to a championship game, and teams could compete for simple prizes determined by teachers or administration.

This would be a great way to strengthen bonds with classmates in a competitive, but fun environment. Sports offer a unique opportunity to bond with classmates and friends like nothing else can.

I believe this should be introduced to Northlake because it can occur all throughout the school year. Northlake is a close, tightly knit school already due to its size, but intramural sports could help students who normally do not interact with each other to get to know each other better by competing against or with them in games such as these during school. If interested in bringing Intramural Sports to Northlake, share with the upcoming Leadership Council as something to implement.