New Teachers at NCS

New Teachers

Reporter~Kameryn Achary

Sep 14, 2022


As the 2022-2023 school year begins we have gained many new teachers at Northlake Christian. We asked them a few questions and here are some of their responses. 

1.What high school did you attend? 

Abby Chappell~ Hewitt-Trussville High School 

Jacob Howard~Satsuma High School

Kari Dupuis~ “Larimore High School (North Dakota)”

Carmen Luton~ “Northshore High School”

2.What made you choose Northlake?

Abby Chappell~ “I actually moved from Alabama to teach at Northlake due to the tremendous things I had heard! This area of the Northshore is where my fiance and I wanted to settle down and Northlake is the perfect fit!”

Jacob Howard~ “God brought me here”

Kari Dupuis~ “I felt that God led me out of public school teaching and brought me to Northlake.”

Carmen Luton~ “Because it’s Christian.”

3.Whats your greatest professional accomplishment?

Abby Chappell~ “I was awarded Teacher of the Year in 2022 prior to moving to Northlake. However, I believe my greatest professional accomplishment would be the relationships I have built with my past students who are now moving onto bigger and better things!”

Jacob Howard~ “It’s either performing in Carnegie Hall’s Christmas Spectacular, or performing at a week long brass festival in Bessines, France.”

Kari Dupuis~ “Earning my Masters Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.”

Carmen Luton~ “Grad school + teaching full time.”

4.What do you think doing it the wolverine way really means?

Abby Chappell~ “Being true to the fundamentals of the school but also to yourself. Ultimately, living like Christ and intentionally implementing those characteristics into your activities and everyday life.”

Jacob Howard~ “Doing anything and everything, to the best of our abilities, for the glory of God”

Kari Dupuis~ “Allowing God to be first in every aspect of our lives.”

Carmen Luton~ “To view the world through a Biblical lens, to conquer all of life’s obstacles as Jesus would, to challenge yourself to give your best in everything you do, to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and to do the right thing, even when it’s hard.” 

5.Your top three favorite things about Northlake?

Abby Chappell~ “1. Generally just how nice everyone is!   2. The support from the faculty and staff. And the eagerness to help from the students!   3. The activities that Northlake plans for their students and teachers.”

Jacob Howard~ “1. The Band.  2. The food in the cafeteria.  3. The Band.

Kari Dupuis~ “The students, my colleagues, and the amazing leadership!”

Carmen Luton~ “1. Christian environment 2. Lots of opportunities for student/faculty involvement 3. Most faculty members have a sense of humor.”