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Wolverine moves to Argentina to complete his senior year

Courtesy of Seth Walters

Courtesy of Seth Walters

Tyler Mussachia, Staff Reporter

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Imagine moving to a foreign country where you do not know anyone and have to speak a different language. For former Northlake student Seth Walters, who left Northlake for his senior year to study abroad, this became a reality. Walters was chosen for an exchange program and currently lives in Argentina and is studying their culture. He currently attends school in Argentina and is soon reaching the end of his year abroad. 

According to Walters, he is very blessed for the opportunity and has enjoyed every moment in Argentina so far.

“I just love their culture and the people. Argentinians are just like one big family and they share everything from their food to their deepest darkest secrets,” Walters said.

Even with his love for the country, Walters misses a plethora of items and people from the states.

“Oh man, do I miss the states! The main two things I have missed this entire time are Chick fil a and Taco Bell. Family is okay too, but I dream about Chick fil a and Taco Bell every night,” Walters said.

One thing Walters has been affected by during his trip is God’s movement in Argentina. Seth has said that he has felt such a strong presence of God there and the people are so Christ-like.

“The presence of the Holy Spirit is so clear here and I have never seen anything like this before,” Walters explained.

Seth will be returning to America sometime in the Spring. He is unsure when, but he cannot wait to come home and share all his amazing stories with his Northlake friends and family.


2 Responses to “Wolverine moves to Argentina to complete his senior year”

  1. Dana Walters on February 10th, 2018 2:42 pm

    Great article Tyler! Thank you NCS for preparing Seth academically and spiritually for this life changing experience! He will graduate July 6 and return home July 8.


  2. Dinah Byrd on February 11th, 2018 4:37 pm

    We are so proud of Seth’s decision to follow God’s leadership. His love for reaching others for Christ was greatly influenced by his service projects at Northlake Christian. We are so excited to see where God leads him next!


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Wolverine moves to Argentina to complete his senior year