College Visits


Olivia Candies, Staff Reporter

As the class of 2021 prepares college applications and visits with Ms.P amp up, college visits play a key role in deciding your future. I interviewed a few seniors about their college visits.


Hannah West shares her visit to Samford and the University of Alabama Birmingham. Both colleges are located in Birmingham, Alabama, and vary in price ranges and sizes. Thinking about majoring in Biomedical science, the University of Alabama Birmingham, UAB, is the place to be. A public university located in the city. While Samford, a Christian University is known for its pharmacy program, favored by Hannah she described the experience as “friendly, midsize, and similar to Northlake.”, “definitely homey!”. 


Seth visited The University of Southern Miss, a medium-size school located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Seth described the city as, “small, driving through you will see the campus”, and “it felt homey, southern hospitality is definitely there and diverse”. The setup of the campus is “small and basically like a square”, overall Southern Miss is one of Seth’s top choices.  


Olivia Dupepe is looking at schools up North with her top choice being Boston College. While up north she also visited two other schools with New York University, commonly referred to as NYU, being on the list. She described the campus as, ”Diverse but really spread out and is surrounded by a park with not the safest people,” “I knew that if I had night classes I wouldn’t feel safe walking through it alone”. Another aspect we discussed was how expensive the tuition is with it being upwards of 82K and how the student body never really looked unified. She also described the tour as “Strongly recommended their study abroad programs”, referring to their other campuses across the world.


Visiting colleges or universities of your choice is important for choosing the pathway for your future if you decide to pursue the next level of education after high school.