Masquerade Dance 2020!

The Masquerade dance was this past month, and it was tons of fun!

The leadership council put together the theme and decorations, and they put the whole thing on.

“We had a lot of fun planning it,” says council member, Halle Mackenzie. “Though the attendance wasn’t as large as Homecoming, we hope to make this third dance an annual tradition for Northlake.”

A special thanks to Ms. Bri and Ms Alker for making this dance possible. Thanks to them, everyone was able to show up and have a fantastic time dancing and enjoying company!

Students commented, “It was so fun! It was lowkey enough that I could just relax. It was a perfect addition to my winter!”

Other students said, “I loved the dance and in my opinion I think it was better than the homecoming dance.”

Hopefully there is another dance like this next year, all the hard work of the senior definitely paid off!