Payton Humes

The first official day of fall was September 29. In other words, the first official day of my favorite season!

Coming from the North, fall is the season where it is not too cold or too hot; when the leaves change from green and yellow to orange and red and fall off the trees; when I carve pumpkins; go on hayrides; and I wear all of my cozy sweaters. However, Louisiana’s falls seem to be quite different, which is why I am curious about what other people’s favorite seasons are.

To find out what people’s favorite seasons are, I set up a Google Form and asked: what season do NCS students like? Why?

When the results were finalized, I had 77 answers on the Google Form with the following results: 27 votes winter; 7 votes for spring; 13 votes for summer; and 27  votes for autumn.


Out of the 77 people who answered, 27 people say their favorite season is winter! When I asked these people why it is their favorite season, the majority of people say they love the colder weather. The average temperature year-round in Louisiana is about 79°F and the average temperature in the winter months is 65°F. The next biggest reason why people said winter is their favorite season is Christmas.  The other reasons for winter being their favorite season are clothing, the vibes, birthdays, and Christmas break.


Spring is the least favorite season in this poll with only 7 people calling it their favorite season. The students who say this had one main reason: the weather. They state that it is not too hot nor too cold. The other reasons are activities, such as the sports baseball and track, and the flowers blooming.


Summer receives 16.9% of the votes. The most popular reason as to why summer is people’s favorite season is summer break. The next most popular reason is the hot weather because it is perfect for relaxing. The last reason is the activities that you can participate in during summer, such as going to the beach and tanning.


Autumn, my personal favorite season, has 27 votes. Many people who answered fall say this is because of the weather. Other reasons include the clothing (sweaters, comfy pants, and the orange color scheme most clothes have); vibes (meaning everything pumpkin scented or flavored, scary movies, and cozy nights); and lastly the nature (the leaves falling). 

No matter what your favorite season, it seems that the cold weather months reign supreme. Now we just need to let the Louisiana weather know.

Courtesy of Ohio.org