Why you must watch ‘Home Alone’ this holiday season

Why you must watch 'Home Alone' this holiday season

Emma Robison, Staff Reporter

Released on Nov. 16, 1990, Home Alone stands as one of the most popular and famous Christmas movies of all time. It is about Kevin Mcallister, a boy who is accidentally left alone during Christmas by his family, having to protect his home from two brainless, holiday burglars. The movie is a Christmas comedy, great for watching with family during the holiday season. I grew up watching this movie every year since the age of seven. It will continue to be a tradition for years to come because of how hilarious my family and I find the film.

Buzz and Kevin’s relationship was always my favorite part about the movie because of how much Buzz was a jerk, but always seemed like a saint to their parents. He plays pranks on Kevin, always acts like he is better than everyone, and is constantly making unimpressed face expressions. The bad guys, Harry and Marv, are very stupid, and never give up on trying to steal from Kevin’s house, even when Kevin continues to keep them from breaking in. Although Harry and Marv are adults and should be able to beat a little kid, they are fooled by all of Kevin’s intricate traps. My favorite scene is when Kevin places Buzz’s pet tarantula on Harry’s face because then Marv tries to kill it but ends up just hitting Harry with a steel crook.

Home Alone does not even compare to movies such as Elf or The Santa Clause because every single scene is more entertaining and eventful; it ties in themes of the importance of family and being independent with comedy. Also, it is a clean family-friendly film.

After watching Home Alone, I have learned to never take family for granted and to always be thankful for them, especially during the holiday season. My first reaction after watching it as a kid was being terrified to be left home by myself, but as I have gotten older, I have found that Kevin was very brave, protecting himself at such a young age. This movie has taught me many valuable lessons, brought tradition into my family, and makes me laugh every holiday season. Home Alone will forever be my favorite Christmas movie and is one of the best out there that I encourage everyone to watch and learn from this season.