Murder is bad, but Northlake’s First Play Was Not


Bailey Desseles, Staff Reporter

Near the end of the first quarter, Northlake’s drama department decided to gave the community a treat with their performance of Murder is Bad, but Monday Can Kill You. The play was performed on three separate occasion, Oct. 18, 19, and 20, at the greater Covington Center in downtown Covington and was led by drama instructor Kelann Sigl. Each day brought forth its own cast with some shifts in key roles and a new atmosphere with the crowd.

According to actress and junior Halle McKenzie, the cast bonded over rehearsals and enjoyed a high-energy season.

“The cast was really close, and we all got along really well,” said McKenzie, “rehearsals were very upbeat and fun.”

Although the cast bonded and had fun, they also recognized when it was time to crack down and work on areas they needed to strengthen for the performance.

“We usually knew when to get serious and focus, but it was always in good fun,” McKenzie explained.

Although the cast changed roles each night, the performances were very similar. One common theme found in the play was not even on the stage, but found behind it with the support of friends.

“The live showings were very similar, people were either on stage or back stage supporting our friends which was really great,” said McKenzie.

To create such a show, students had to overcome some challenges that come along with acting, such as memorizing lines.

“The biggest problem[s] we had was getting out lines down, and getting into character,” said McKenzie.

This is a challenge that, as opening day approached, would start to get pretty serious and the cast knew that.

“At some point, we realized that opening night was really close, so we all worked double time and helped out whoever needed to run lines.”

Despite time running lines, when it comes to performances, actors also needed to be prepared for unexpected improv. The cast developed their ability to pick up dropped lines and used this ability during performance.

Overall, the cast viewed the play as a success.

“I think they [performances] went very well and we recovered from any slip ups without blinking an eye. Everybody had a lot of fun which was great, the crowd was great too. I remember there being one night where the crowd was really into it and that really helps the cast.”