What are your expectations for homecoming?

Emma Robison, Staff Reporter

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Senior Jacob Herrington

“To not play the cupid shuffle more than 5 times. Also, that Coach Robert doesn’t walk through the middle of everyone and make it uncomfortable.”

Coach Anthony Agresta

“That there will be a true sense of school spirit throughout all grade levels.”

Junior Natalie Newberry

“I just hope no one gets injured on a black light and that I can see Kaitlyn Walker dance. Also, it’s going to be fun with my buddies.”

Senior Kaitlyn Walker

“It can be fun doing the footloose 5 times. I like the footloose dance. I think it’s pretty cool. I can’t do it, but it looks cool.”

Senior Kathryn Broussard

“I expect it to be a blast, and i am going to dance my heart out. YEE-HAW!”

Sophomore Kyndall Cowart

“It will be entertaining, and very fun. I am so glad to be on Homecoming Court this year as well.”

Freshman Kayley West

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and a little awakening for me since its going to be my first high school experience. I hope I will like it.”

Sophomore Hannah Boren

“Good music and a lot of people there with a good theme.”

Teacher Trip Holloway

Well first and foremost, we need to win a football game against whoever we are playing. Secondly, I think everyone is going to have a great time. Thirdly, I think all the students are going to behave themselves with honor and respect.”

Coach Matt McCune

“For the week, I hope everyone dresses up and gets into the spirit of things. For the parade, I hope little kids don’t get pegged in the face with candy. For the dance, I think everyone is going to have a good time.”