New Head of School settles in and looks forward to future

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New Head of School settles in and looks forward to future

Kara Lewis, Editor

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In its 41 years of existence, Northlake Christian School has seen numerous changes in its building, property and administration. One of Northlake’s most recent changes was the arrival of new Head of School Glenn Martin this past July.

As the school prepared for the 2018-19 year over the summer, Martin was able to assist and lead. He is excited to be at Northlake to help the school grow, develop and change in the coming years.

“My most important role in leadership is to evaluate the strengths of Northlake, which are clear in a lot of ways, and find ways to maximize those strengths,” Martin said.

His desire is to improve academic departments, fine arts and athletics, make simple changes and updates which will add to the student experience in the next several years. Martin has a heart for the students of Northlake and making the school the best possible place for each one.

“I want to make changes that affect the student experience. I want students to enjoy coming here. There are a bunch of things I’m looking at and learning what they are still,” Martin stated.

While Martin is working to make positive changes, he is aware of the pushback that often comes with new leadership and is working to ensure that all changes benefit students, and do not hurt them.

“Whenever there is change in leadership there is always pushback,” Martin said. “I want to look at what changes can be made to enhance the student experience and impact the learning environment in positive ways.”

At the start of the school year, Martin gathered parents and board members to discuss larger changes that could be made to help the school grow and flourish in the community.

“The business of school is what [we] looked at,” Martin said. “Things like financial aid, recruitment of teachers, and tuition models.”

He is looking at the Fine Arts Program, sports, the band, college counseling and many other areas to see how Northlake can improve as a school.

“I believe Christian schools should do everything with excellence,” Martin commented.

Overall, he is very excited about the years to come, and has greatly enjoyed his time at Northlake thus far.

“People here are so friendly. The entire North Shore community has been welcoming!” Martin praised.