What are your thoughts of the 2018 senior class?

Laken Viola, Staff Reporter

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Senior Corrin Hebert

“We’ve grown closer as a class this year.”


Senior James Traugott

“Cassidy Cunningham is my favorite thing about the senior class.”


Senior Clay Thrasher

“No comment.”


Senior Daijah Jeanmarie

“We’re all in this together. We only have 14 days!”


Senior Chloe Cuccia

“I think we’re all friends, and we’re a really mature class. I like the level we’re at.”


Senior Wesley Brown

“We are very diverse when it comes to personality. I wouldn’t trade my class for another class no matter what anyone else says about us. It’s lit.”


Senior Jordon Armand

“It’s almost time to leave. I don’t really have any thoughts.”


Senior John Macaluso

“No comment. We’re ready to go.”


Senior Allie Richard

“I love our senior class, but we’re all really ready to get out.”


Upper School teacher Betty Porter

I have enjoyed my first year at Northlake because of the seniors. So many of them overwhelm me with their ambition, conscientiousness and dedication to Christ and their responsibilities. But I am also overwhelmed at the number (although a minority) of students who are not yet ready for adulthood. I pray for them all, and wish them all successful futures in all their endeavors.


Upper School teacher Ellen Bourgeois

“I have an affinity for one of them. I think the senior class is a lot of fun. I enjoy them. I think they’ve gotten a bad reputation. I don’t think it’s fair. I think that there are a lot of them that are hard workers. I think some of them are misunderstood and struggle with their identity and who they are. They just don’t know what they’re capable of. I think they’ll do great things.”


Upper School teacher Tom Beale

“My thoughts on the senior class: they are unique, wonderful, and if I were stranded in the Himalayas on the side of an icy mountain top with no food I know that they would provide me with tasty sustenance if I had to resort to cannibalism.”