Prom and Mardi Gras Ball Season

Reporter, Kameryn Achary

February 9, 2023

       We are entering February, which means we are coming up to prom and Mardi Gras ball season. All of the girls who are planning on attending one or both of these events will need a dress. Everyone has their own style and option on what they think is cute. Don’t worry there are many websites and places to get a very cute prom/ball dress. Sherri Hill is a super popular gown designer. The following is the link to her site:  Another resource that is close in town would be the Columbia Street Mercantile. This store is right in downtown Covington location Columbia Street Mercantile. Another good option if you are willing to travel towards the south shore would be Chatta Box Boutique. They have many options of shapes, sizes, and styles of dresses. Both of these places should have something for everyone.