That January 1st Life Change

January 17, 2023

Olivia Mele, Reporter

Every January 1st, something magical happens across America. Adults and children awake with a changed life. Why? They decided to set resolutions. Like wishing upon a star, they said the magic words—usually in the unwise form of a verbal statement, with loose stipulations, and suddenly everything changed. (Think Michael Scott: “I Declare…bankruptcy!!!) Except, this obviously is not how it is in real life, and like Michael, your words of change are meaningless. However, while you are not an abracadabra away from a changed life, you still have free will. When you wake up on one of the many dreary and depressing January days, you can choose how you act, and what you think. Because in the end, it will almost always be up to you whether or not you achieve your goals. If it’s your goal to be happier in 2023, and you believe that your happiness can be garnered by your actions, then I promise you that you will not achieve this by practicing old ways. Instead, utilize methods that are proven to help you. Identify what needs to change by actively noticing what goes against your mission. Then, write down what you plan to change about these things. Writing this down is essential—studies show that you are 40% more likely to follow through with your decisions if you do so. Also, most things in life are much easier with the help of a friend, so ask someone to keep you accountable for staying on track. Of course when it’s pitch black, rainy and frigid, you won’t want to be disciplined and stick to your goal of, say, waking up earlier. However, this can be overcome with a mentality change. Think and act not based on how you feel in the present, but determine your choices by what is most beneficial for you in the future. You might be uncomfortable, but that won’t kill you. Actively choose to perform differently this year. Sure, wave around the magic wand and say the words, but for a good trick to work, you’ll need to actually do the hidden sleight-of-hand.