Crime on the Rise

Reporter: Lola Himmaugh

12 December, 2022

The most committed crime in America is property theft. Theft and larceny was 60% of the crimes committed in 2020. The rate of violent crimes in America has climbed significantly over the years. 

Homicides are up by 46% from this same time last year and up 141% since 2019. In one report, Louisiana is deemed the third most dangerous state in America. Per 100,000 people,  6,408 people are affected by crime in  Louisiana. According to the Metropolitan Crime Commissio, The city of New Orleans has been declared the “murder” capital of the United States for the first half of 2022. The MCC said when comparing the number of homicides with the population, the homicide rate in New Orleans is significantly higher than in any other American city. Back in the mid-90s, New Orleans also had the highest homicide rate of any other city in the country. Crime is not justifiable but there are many contributions to high crime in certain areas. These factors can contribute to the high crime: Population density, Differences in population composition; especially the concentration of young people, Population stability, economic conditions including; income, poverty level, and ability to work, cultural factors, educational, recreational, and religious characteristics, and Family conditions. 


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