Teacher Questions

Questions For Teachers


Ava Samm, Reporter

August 27, 2022

We ask a few teachers questions about themselves and Northlake. Mrs.Chavis has been working at Northlake since 2021. While Mrs. Garrett has been working at Northlake for 3 years . They both are amazing teachers, loved by many students. 

Question 1: If you weren’t a teacher what would you be doing as a job?

Mrs.Chavis:  “I would probably be an Esthetician who focuses on pimple extractions (Yes, it’s oddly satisfying).”

Mrs. Garrett: “If I weren’t a teacher I would be a Child Behavioral Therapist or a Social Worker.”

Question 2: If you had the chance to get another degree, what degree would you get and why?

Mrs Chavis; “If I could get another degree, I would get a Masters in School Psychology or School Counseling.”

Mrs.Garrett: “If I could get another degree, I would continue to pursue my Psychology degree.  I love learning about the way our brains process things… If it applied to real life.  In a fantasy world, I’d get a degree in Marketing or Film so I could be TikTok famous :)”

Question 4: How do you motivate your students?

Mrs. Chavis: “A wing and a prayer LOL. I try to incorporate activities my students can relate to. For example, Scavenger Hunts, Escape Rooms, Social Media (this is a new introduction for me in the classroom) and telling the cheesiest jokes you have ever heard!”

Mrs.Garrett: “With sunshine and rainbows… and sarcasm :). But seriously,I try very hard to get to know each of my students as individuals and to find out what works for them.”

Question 5: What made you come to Northlake?

Mrs. Chavis: “My family and I were relocating to Southeast La. and when I came for part two of my interview, as I drove onto campus I could feel the presence of God and as I fought tears I knew my purpose was to be here.”

Mrs Garrett:I was actually looking for a school for my daughter and fell in love with Northlake through that.  Then, as I was praying on what to do for my own career and schedule moving forward, I had a student tell me he was leaving the school we were currently both at and joining Northlake, so I took that as my sign and God has led the way with open doors since.”

Questions for an Administrator

We ask an Administrator a few questions about themselves and Northlake. This Administrator is anonymous, maybe you can figure out who this person is.

Question 1:  If you weren’t an Administrator what classes would you want to teach, (besides the one that you maybe are teaching already)?

Anonymous Administrator: I guess I would be teaching Bible classes. That is what I taught last year. In my education career I have taught Math, History, Health, and Bible classes.

Question 2: What do you love most about being an Administrator?

Anonymous Administrator: Being part of a team of people that I enjoy working with each and every day with an ultimate goal of helping students.

Question 3: If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be?

Anonymous Administrator: An espresso machine in the office 🙂

Question 4: If you could give this job to someone else, who would it be?

Anonymous Administrator: I love my job, so I will be selfish here and say I will keep it for myself!