The Future Plans of Class 2022

The Future Plans of Class 2022

Shelby Casillas, Abigail Brown, Reporter

As the year is coming to a close, many of our seniors have made the most important decision they will make all year: where they are going to college. We thought we’d check-in and give you the rundown on some of Northlake who’s who and where they’re headed in Fall 2022.


Brenna Marchall- “I want to attend Southeastern Louisiana University and major in Elementary Education.”

Chloe Trevino- “Law School!”

Tucker Hower- “I plan on enlisting in the Marines, and maybe go to LSU afterward.”

Michael Brookover- “After I graduate from NCS, I will be attending Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. I am majoring in Aeronautics, with a professional pilot concentration. After college, I plan on working my way up in the aviation industry to eventually fly as an airline captain.”

Raley Curry- “I will be attending Baylor University in Waco, Texas in the fall!”

Ashley Taylor- “I am going to Auburn University.”

Joseph Robinson- “I plan on getting a master’s in Business administration, then an engineering degree.”