Social Media’s Effect on the War in Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine has sparked a major outcry on many huge social media sites. The media has spread much awareness to other countries and has brought people together from every walk of life to help the Ukrainian people.

Many people are calling this conflict the “TikTok War” because the footage that is being shared is of such things as first-person accounts of soldiers going to and at war.

According to Manos Tsakiris at The Conversation: “Civilians provided the view from the ground even before media organizations could get there, and they have done so in a highly effective and poignant way. Ukrainians and their political leaders have used social media not just to inform people about the developments on the ground, but also to relay their emotions and defiance.”

Since this war has been trending on social media, media users now have an unfounded fear of a third world war starting. Through the pain and sorrow of the Ukrainian people and the public viewing an unsettling tragedy unfold, support and help have been given to Ukraine in their fight against Russia. Due to everyone in support of Ukraine, the government is under pressure to do something that will help end the war.

Many of you see what is happening to Ukraine through social media and mourn for them in this dark time. We want to help in the best way we can because families are being ripped apart and millions of people have had to flee their homes. The best we can do is put the Ukrainian people in our prayers and spread awareness on the topic. Fortunately, at this school, we have come up with a way to help Ukraine and have fun while doing it…

Northlake Christian School is doing the Coin Challenge! Bring your coins and win for your class, but remember this is more than just a challenge and competition, this is for the people of Ukraine.