Steel Magnolias


Shelby Cain, Reporter

Starting on February 17th, The Northlake Theater Co. brought a real tear-jerker onto the stage. People grabbed their tissues and came to see some talented girls perform a fan favorite, Steel Magnolias! This play takes place at Truvy Jones’s salon in Chinquapin Parish, Louisiana. Steel Magnolias is based around the bride-to-be, Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie, who has an unfortunate health issue that crushes her dreams of children. As time passes, Shelby and the ladies at Truvy’s hair salon go through life’s tragedies but grow stronger and closer in the process. All six women of the play have unique and fun personalities that will make you cry and laugh while watching each of their lives change throughout the play. Here are the lovely ladies of the salon:


Truvy: 40-year-old Southern Belle and the owner of a small-town beauty shop. She knows everyone’s business and shares it with anyone who will listen. She always has advice for you, and they often come in the form of country sayings.


Played by: Isabella Roselli (11th), Mia Tillman (8th)


Annelle: a very shy twenty-year-old hairdresser who goes from a very soft-spoken person to a bible-loving Christian who looks at the bright side in any given situation.


Played by: Raley Curry (12th), Cecilia Vitrano (7th)


Clairee: 60-year-old widow of the former mayor of Chinquapin. She is very wealthy and is full of gossip. She is very sarcastic and loves to laugh and poke fun at the little things that others cry over. 


Played by: Elaina Melerine (11th), Sarah Stone (7th)


Shelby: Roughly 25-year-old diabetic young lady who is loved by all. She has a weird relationship with her mother and often rebels just for the sake of rebellion.


Played by: Shelby Cain (12th), Emma Lockwood (11th)


M’Lynn: 50-year-old mother of Shelby. She is overprotective at times and finds the need to have a firm grasp on life. 


Played by: Julia Lampard (12th), Evangeline Adair (7th)


Ouiser: She is 60-years-old. She is a wealthy old biddy. She is a loveable miserable lady, though. Her unique personality and sense of humor are a great relief to everyone near her. 


Played by: Kayley West (12th), Tyrelle Davis (9th)


Many cast members were so excited to welcome this classic to Northlake, “I am honored to be a part of a production that is a Louisiana classic. Working with this amazing cast has been an absolute pleasure.” says Raley Curry. 


 Before the show, Secondary School Administrative Assistant, Laura Newberry, said, “I’m very excited about this play because it was one of my favorite movies ever!”


We may not have had Dolly Parton, but we had a cast that lit up the stage just as much.