Senior Beginnings and Ends

Roller+coaster%2C+Seaside+Heights%2C+New+Jersey+%281978%29+photography+in+high+resolution+by+John+Margolies.+Original+from+the+Library+of+Congress.+Digitally+enhanced+by+rawpixel. / Library of Congress (Source)

Roller coaster, Seaside Heights, New Jersey (1978) photography in high resolution by John Margolies. Original from the Library of Congress. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Shelby Cain, Reporter

Hey Seniors! The year that we have heard about throughout our entire school career has finally come upon us. We have made it to 2022! We are finally getting on the “Senior Year Emotional Rollercoaster”. Seniors are receiving their college acceptances and finding the next place they will call home. 


Most of us are ready for what this year has in store for us: “Bring it on! There will be ups and downs, but it will all work out in the end,” says senior Kyla McDowell proudly. Finishing senior year is only the beginning and calmest part of this year’s rollercoaster. Seniors are excited for the “big drop” of graduation, the biggest event of the year. Despite the excitement of some, others are nervous for the next stage of our lives. Senior Grace Hawkins says, “I’m excited for a new season of life, but at the same time, scared to move on.” Many know that graduating means saying goodbye to their childhood and joining the world of adulthood. 


After a long-deserved break, the big loop of college will be creeping upon us. This part of the rollercoaster consists of moving into those fairly inconvenient dorms, making new friends, and getting into the groove of college life. 


After the climax of the ride is behind us and we have reached December, it will be time for us to exit the ride and allow the class of 2023 to begin boarding. After all, next year will be a new and exciting rollercoaster waiting for us to ride.