Learning to L.E.A.D.

Jessica Ferchland, Editor-in-Chief

Love. Engage. Acknowledge. Do.

This past Monday, the Juniors and Seniors kicked off the Leadership Retreat Week with a trip to Camp Living Waters in Loranger, LA. The focus of the retreat was a call to remember our 2022 mission at Northlake Christian: L.E.A.D.

Love: With a spirit of good humor and honesty, Coach Englert and Ms. Boudreaux challenged the students to embrace each other’s differences, to run towards the challenges facing them, and to lift each other up in prayer.

Engage: Several weeks ago, students took a personality quiz in advisory. The results of these quizzes were put to the test as students discovered the different motivations of their friend groups.

Acknowledge: The Leadership Council bravely offered up a challenging moment that left them hurt and struggling with differences of opinion. It wasn’t until a moment of self-reflection and humility that led to reconciliation and understanding.

Do: In the last moments of the retreat, a circle of prayer took place. The juniors within the circle prayed together for the community of Northlake. The outer circle of seniors directed their prayers to the spiritual well-being of the class of 2023.

In the end, students left with a sense of belonging (and a new appreciation for bus karaoke).