The Future of NCS


Shelby Casillas, Abigail Brown, Reporter

There have been many voices of confusion and frustration concerning the new carline and questions regarding why. While the new carline can be frustrating, rest assured, that it will be worth it.

Why the new carline?

The school is planning to build a new high school building in between Catledge and Founder’s Hall. Though construction has not started, the school changed the carline early so everyone can be prepared beforehand. Though parents are still able to pick up their kids in front of Catledge during or after school, once construction starts, the driveway will NOT be available.

Why the carline is beneficial

Although the new carline can be tricky, it makes pick up a lot faster. It allows the secondary pick-up traffic to be pulled off of  Wolverine Drive and more spread out. This makes traffic faster now that we can load up more cars than we could in front of Catledge.

Future High school Building

The Biggest benefit the new building will have is space. More space more art classrooms, labs, picnic areas, and more. Currently, we have teachers sharing classrooms but once the building is finished, all the junior high classes will be moved to Catledge Hall. We are praying that the building will be finished in the next year in a half. While there is a vision for growth, keeping class sizes small and family-like is valued on this campus.

Last but not least, the 5 1/2 speed limit signs

These very specific speed limit signs have always been a mystery to all who drive on campus but the single purpose of these signs remains; To get the attention of all drivers to SLOW DOWN to keep everyone safe.