Is it America’s Responsibility to Help Those Struggling

Bethany Cougle, Staff Reporter

            There are pervasive issues in Latin America that are bigger than the individual policy makers, most of those being corrupt elites. America is in the position to offer their help to these countries, but America continues to be silent. 

            According to the Borden Project (a national campaign to push poverty to the forefront of foreign policy), “poverty in Central America is pervasive with half the population below the poverty line; in rural areas the figure rises to two or three.”

These startling figures urge for intervention. Through the government’s inactivity, it is obvious that the government is unable to handle these issues. Countries in Latin America have a prolonged history of economic division. According to the World Bank, the richest portion of Latin America makes up 48% of the total wealth, while the poorest portion makes up 1.6% of total wealth. The policy makers have furthered this economic division. According to the Conversation, the policy makers have lowered taxes on the top 1% and have gone against bettering health care systems.  Most Americans don’t know what is going on in these struggling countries, even though they are so close in proximity.

            Americans come from a place of extreme privilege, fully able to help these struggling countries. According to policy advice, the average annual income of an individual in America was $52,000. We can’t remain silent because our neutrality is harmful. According to ilo, 70% of Latin Americans don’t have access to basic health services. In many Latin communities, sanitary

water and sewage is a fantasy.

            Not to assume that all parts of Latin America is a hopeless cause, plagued with a multitude of issues because parts of Latin America are economically prospering. Taking on these issues for Americans might be too big of a commitment because Americans have their own issues. Social Inequality and political misunderstandings are two of the issues that plague America. Americans are unable to see past their own views to cooperate with those a part of their own country, so would they be capable of helping those outside of their own country? Americans would go bankrupt if they were to devote themselves to every cause, but how could we go on if the thought of others suffering was constantly wavering in your mind.