Aubrey Posey, Greg Ferro, and Gabe Smith

If you are ever looking to add some spice to your ride check out the series NORTHLAKE RIGS, where we show you the rides of students in Northlake’s parking lot. We show you all the modifications that are added to the vehicle.

The vehicle we are looking at today is a 2018 Ford F-150 Stx model, with a 2.7 EcoBoost engine. The Ecoboost engine was first produced in 2009 and is a terrific engine. This direct-injection turbo-charged engine is made for greater horsepower and torque while providing greater efficiency.

 Mods to this truck are:

  • 7 in Maxtrac suspension lift             (This will make your truck’s body raise up 7 inches)
  • 35/12.50/r20 Firestone Destination Tire.       (With every lift you’re going to want to put bigger tires on to create distance between the bottom of the truck and the ground)
  • STX stock wheels


These are the links to the items modified to the truck:


Courtesy of Field and Fin Outfitters and Aubrey Posey