Men’s Volleyball Tournament

The first annual men’s volleyball tournament was held on Tuesday, December 7, 2021. Eight teams played against each other to fight for the championship.

Between the Senior team “W” and the Junior team “Dem Boyzzz” there was a lot of action. The Juniors hit the ball out two times giving the Seniors a lead to start off with. Later on, Will Murphy kicked a ball and it hit one of the Juniors in the leg. However, the Juniors were able to take the lead. The Juniors won the game with a game ending spike.

Kyron Ross, a member of the Senior team “W”, said: “We could have had better rotations, but overall we did pretty good”

The next, and final game was between “Dem Boyzzz” and “Best 10th graders”. The Juniors started out playing very well. Half way through the game, the “Best 10th graders” had to call a timeout to figure out a way to stop their opponents. That time out did not work.

Senior Nadia McKay said: “These Juniors came to play!” Her quote came right as a Junior blocked the spike from the sophomores.

Dem Boyzzz, the 11th-grade team, were the champions with a final score of 15-7. The crowd went wild and cheered on Dem Boyzzz for taking the win. Will they be able to do it again next year?