College Application Season

With the beginning of fall, a new group of seniors encompasses four years in one document, ready to be sent off to the college of his/her choice. Students often spend most of their high school experience “checking off the boxes” (trying to please the college of their choice). With the overarching importance of college applications, students often become stressed and try to conform to what they believe that colleges want to see.

With making a college application, a lot of thought and effort goes into it. According to Forbes, “Young people are living in a culture of competition and detachment like never before, and it can feel like they do not have much control.” Writing a college essay is an often stressful ordeal. College applications are the first step to a new future, a first impression to your ideal college. According to US news, applications give you the “chance to show the reader who you are and why they would want you on their college campus.”

Throughout high school, students often feel the incessant need to have perfect grades, and participate in every club. Limiting yourself to what you feel will please others instead of what they want to do, diminishing any sense of individuality. According to Jane Adams, perfectionism has negative effects, “when it interferes with the rest of your life and causes you unhappiness.” High schoolers often garner their activities to what a college thinks will like. They set aside their own interests and pursue activities they believe will please colleges.

While it’s important to get good grades and be involved, students should spend their coveted high school experience participating in activities they enjoy, such as glorifying God. Northlake students should pursue interests garnered to their personal taste, not what they think an unknown individual reviewing their application will be pleased with. While grades are important, the grades students receive don’t define them.