The Importance of a Diverse Music Taste


John Barry, Staff Reporter

“I don’t like that genre!” Many times you have probably heard this statement before from friends and family alike. Only listening to one particular genre may affect how you see many things, whether you realize it or not, the music you listen to can greatly affect your everyday life. It can affect mood and your enjoyment of an event.

When listening to music, a diverse taste can help with mood, only listening to hip hop may not be the best thing to put on after you lose a football game. Different Genres of music can improve different moods. If you need to study, you could put on classical music to help you focus. Or if you’re sad, you could turn on something slower to ease the mood. If you’re going through a rough time you might want to listen to something that will agree with your mood. Overall, listening to different genres of music will better improve your mood.

The type of music you listen to also should depend on where you are and where you’re going. If you listen to one genre exclusively, that will severely affect your enjoyment of certain events, country just doesn’t always go. If you go to a wedding and they are playing a genre of music you don’t like at the reception, your entire view of the event could be changed, so you don’t enjoy it as much. While having a diverse music taste can make you enjoy just about anything, the music playing at a cafe, or in your friend’s car.