Why You Should Be a Professional Photographer

Maryn Thomas


In this day and age, our phones have the capability to take professional photos in an instant. Filters heighten colors and magnify even the briefest of moments. Memories that would only be viewed in our minds are now captured at the touch of a screen. With all this at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you take a moment and experience this hobby for yourself? Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should test this theory out. 


Reason 1:


As a photographer, I particularly enjoy photography because I can take photos of the things that I love. For example: I have two cats that I take photos of all the time. After I take the pictures,  I edit them and post them to Instagram. I also take pictures of my pets, my friends, or anything that I love or find interesting. Once you find things that you are passionate about or admire the beauty in, then you can take and edit your own photos (which can make your Instagram page look nicer than if you just post memes and selfies all the time). 


Reason 2: 


You can also make a career out of photography as well. If people like your pictures, then they might ask you to take photos for them. People like to take photos of special moments in their life like weddings, family portraits, graduations, and school dances. Your style of photography could help them cherish those moments even more. One bonus of choosing photography as a career is that you make your own rules. You don’t have a boss or protocol to follow and are free to do your work as you please. You have the freedom to experiment with your photos and editing as much as you want without any limits. 


Regardless of why you’re doing photography, the most important thing is to have fun with it.