The Worst Anniversary Ever?

Emma Knight, Staff Reporter

A year has passed since the infamous Covid-19 virus began its debut in America. No one would ever have thought that the first few weeks of lockdown would stretch into months. Family gatherings, celebrations and outings suddenly became impossible and isolation sunk in. Many dreadful things that occurred within the past year can be attributed to quarantine and isolation.
Although many hardships have developed since the beginning of Covid-19, it is clear that some good things have been a result. People have been brought together because of shared hardships and sadness. People who were once separated through electronics are now separated from sickness. But, it is with this sickness and isolation that God has taken advantage, to make a difference in people’s life. Some people who were flooded with sadness have now been filled with the love of God.
After one year of grief and struggles, it is clear we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, within the next year the social situation will improve and families and friends can once again gather in celebration. When looking back over the past year, think of all the great things God has accomplished through this sadness and remain hopeful for the days to come.