Ramping Up Your Ride

J. White, Staff Reporter

Are you tired of having a stock truck? Here’s a few things you can do to make it look cool.

One main thing you can do to your truck is get new wheels. CustomOffsets.com has one of the best and widest selection of wheels and tires. I personally would get 14-wides: these tires stick out past your fender and it gives your truck a “mean” look to it. You also can get new tires, such as mud graps. These will make your wheels look cleaner, and you will be able to go mug riding in your truck easily.

Secondly, Throw a lift kit on that sucker; it will make your truck have a good “stance” to it. Rough Country makes a decent 4-inch lift kit for $1,000. Now, yes this is very pricey, but it will make your truck stand out from the crowd. They come in many different sizes, colors, and brands. My personal favorite is a FTS 8-in lift. It is very expensive, but it looks super clean. FTS, is a well known brand for style in their lifts. However, Rough Country is known for their durability and not looks.

Third, You can do an exhaust modification. Go to any local exhaust place, and ask them for advice. They have helped so many people and have expertise for what would sound best for your truck. This will only be $140 for a muffler delete, but a new exhaust system will be like $500. I currently have a muffler delete and a resonator delete. But the best option is to ask for a magnaflow exhaust system. These sound really good for around the price around $300-500.

Lastly, You can put some rock lights under your fenders. This gives a cool light system that illuminates your truck. It looks amazing when you’re driving down the road or just parked, getting your groceries. They only cost about $100, and they’re easy to install yourself. They come in many different kinds and brands. Most of the good brands have their own website and are well known. However, they have some good ones you can buy from Amazon. You can get white, RGB or RGBW lights ( RBG stands for red green and blue). You should get RGBW red/ green blue/ white. This way when you turn your lights to white, it’s a true white and does not have a blue undertone.

Well, happy hunting.