Climate Efforts Within Your Community

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Emma Knight, Reporter

Since mankind was created, pollution and waste has plagued the Earth. As a Christian, one should promote and desire a healthy environment, and long to preserve God’s creation. Schools, social media, and communities are great platforms to voice your opinion and create a movement. Small choices can be made everyday which have an impact on the overall condition of the world. The seemingly insignificant decision to recycle a coffee cup or other trash, choosing a plant based meal every now and then, or even making it a point to turn lights off after you are done with them, create a domino effect leading to a greener future.

If you are concerned about the current condition of the environment, consider taking a stand and turning away from single use plastics and other unethical products. Reusable water bottles, straws, and grocery bags are some products that are easy to use and help limit unnecessary waste. While any effort is important, one may desire to create a larger impact. As citizens of a coastal state, we take pride in our waterways and vast ecosystems; so one may consider starting a waterway cleanup project and eliminate harmful waste (Plus, this would be a great way to earn NCS service hours.) Trees are very important to a sustainable ecosystem as they help eliminate carbon emissions; so if you want to promote a healthier environment, try planting trees. Grab a few friends and get to work, and remember to set a realistic and achievable goal.

No effort is too small, and while they may sometimes go unnoticed, do not get discouraged. Instead, become a leader and guide friends, family, and peers to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Be a diplomat for the earth and advocate on its behalf. Even if you cannot participate in environmentally friendly activities, try educating yourself on the current ecological situation. Think outside the box and discover creative ways to better the world around you.