Presents for Your Pets This Christmas

Nobody wants leave their pets out during the holidays; so here some cute ideas for what to get your pets for Christmas!

1.) Fuzzy Mice
I know my cat loves fuzzy mice and their super easy and cute to put in a little stocking. However if your cat is a little too rough with fuzzy mice than maybe you can consider cardboard which you can find at PetSmart.

2.) Treats
If your pets love treats like mine do then they will definitely appreciate a few extra!

3.) Holiday Sweaters
Nothing is cuter than getting your dog or cat a holiday sweater. They might not love it but I guarantee you that your parents will. Bonus points if you get your mom a matching sweater to your dog.

4.) Boots
During the winters my dogs hates going outside because his paws get wet. He’s super dramatic.So we got him these boots and he absolutely loves them. We think they’re cute too.

These are some great ideas to include your pets in Christmas. They will love whatever you choose.

Merry Christmas!