Christmas Word Scramble!

Grace Sheffield, Staff Reporter

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the modified exams and short week,
what a blessing it has been! Here is a work scramble for Christmas songs that are sure to
brighten the mood wherever you are. Submit your answers to me at
grace.sheffie[email protected] to see if you are correct. Good luck!

Umsrdme oby
Ew hiws uyo a emryr smcrihtas
Lntsie itgnh
Abby tis odcl udsiote
Twitch cmasrhits
Akhr het dhreal genals ngis
Stla hitsasmc
Ijnlge lebls
Lal i ntwa orf htascmsri si uyo
Ansta abya
Niwtre dnoawdnlre
Wlteve ydas fo hcmsritas

Y’all have a great Christmas!!