Traditions for the New Christmas


Emma Knight, Staff Reporter

Family gatherings and Christmas shopping are going to look different this year as many families go virtual. Zoom and online shopping have become the main ways for Christmas prep. Several holiday aspects will be missing from this year’s celebration, but that doesn’t mean that you and your loved ones cannot have a meaningful Christmas. Here are a few tips to create your break a little more festive.

If you and your family are seeking activities to spread cheer this time of year, try baking cookies or creating homemade ornaments. This year has taken a toll on everyone, so enjoy yourself! You deserve it. Although it may not be safe to venture outside of your home this Christmas season, there is so much you can do to have a good time.

Drive to view Christmas lights are nothing new, they have been around for decades. This year if you are seeking a way to safely get out, drive-through lights are a great opportunity to change things up. If leaving your home isn’t an option for you, try taking a virtual trip this holiday season. Modern technology has granted the possibility to travel through virtual reality. Take a break from school and relax and explore the world virtually.

Gift giving this season is particularly difficult since stores are packed with shoppers and deemed unsafe. This year a way to make Christmas more special is for you and your family to give each other personal items that are special to you, such as a photo or a drawing. This is a way for families to connect with each other and still have fun on Christmas.

This year has been taxing, whether you have to spend Christmas with family virtually or in person, make sure to enjoy yourself and celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season: the birth of Jesus.