Study Habits of Northlake’s Top Performers

Chloe Trevino, Staff Reporter

A lot of Northlake’s students with the highest GPAs and test scores tend to have very similar habits. These not only include study habits, but also lifestyles and eating and exercise habits. A very high percentage of the highest scorers play a sport and also attend school events.

The first thing that most interviewees had in common was their work ethic. Most included the fact that they try to get most of their work done in school rather than waiting until later hours of the evening to finish their work. Studies show that earlier hours of the morning motivate a higher degree of productivity. This corresponds with what these students practice.

Sarah Amacker says that she “always tries to get as much done at school as possible.”

Similarly, they also mentioned that their personal life comes first and that recharging is a must to perform highly. Kayley West says that she “loves to go for runs”. That helps to motivate her and keep her focused on school. She also said that doing “little things” like painting her nails or spending extra on a coffee will help to excite her for the school day. Great advice!!

All of these students that I interviewed have one thing in common: they all get their sleep. While some nights are better than others, “sleep is a priority” says Sarah.

In conclusion these students put themselves first in order to keep their grades
high. This is super important since high school is a time when people choose their life path. The way to be on the right track is to take care of yourself!