The New Football

The New Football

Mia Russano, Staff reporter

As you all know, things have been very different due to COVID-19. Things as far as going into stores, going to school, and now the new challenge of how to make football games safe. The precautions that we are taking, state regulations, this year to make football games possible are: wearing masks, limiting the number of fans and students who can attend, and social distancing which means the dance team got moved to the ground instead of the stands. 


I asked the captain and the co-captain of the dance team how they feel about the new changes to the football games and if it is worth it or not.


Our captain Beth notes, “It is very different from what I am used to and I’m not particularly fond of it; however, we need to do what we have to do in order to do what we need to do.” A quote is stolen from a teacher we know and love, Mr.Beale. 


She believes that although it is not something she loves or wants to do, she will keep a positive outlook. This is so that future games can be better and we can still enjoy attending the games and dancing!


Co-captain Aryana Imani has some of the same thoughts, explaining, “It’s definitely different. But I’m really happy that we are still able to have a football season and dance at halftime, even if it requires a mask and social distance.”  


Aryana believes that even though we have these requirements, we should be thankful for the fact we get to perform and cheer on our Wolverines! 


As the year goes on, games should start looking better, but we are thankful for the games being possible and we will continue to be optimistic about the future.