Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?

Shelby Casillas

Jacob listening to music

We love music, but most of the music we listen to is secular. Especially this generation. Most secular music these days is garbage and what I mean by that is, the lyrics are not glorifying to God. It is quite the opposite. The lyrics talk about sinful acts but the music is so good we jam out to it. And while we are vibing, we are poisoning our minds and our thoughts become corrupt. We are poisoning our souls. None of this music is beneficial to our relationship with the Lord.

There have been many arguments on whether christiains should listen to secular music. Many people ask, is it wrong to listen to secular music? The answer is, it depends on the lyrics.
It also depends on who the artist is and their lifestyle. For example, Ariana Grande. Many people love her music and look up to her. People tend to look up or praise the artist they listen to. But most of the secular artists we listen to are not good role models. Like the song ‘God is A Woman’. It is basically blasphemy. Her songs, music videos, and clothing are sexually suggestive and not pleasing to the Lord. A Lot of secular music videos nowadays have suggestive lyrics and nudity.

Did you know that 10 years ago, stuff like this was not allowed on T.V? No wonder kids are so messed up these days. According to Genesis 9:20-24, we are warned not to view the nakedness of others. God told us to listen to holy things. We shouldn’t listen to things that dwell on sin. Which seems to be the only thing people sing about nowadays. It’s sick. Christians, pay attention to the lyrics of the songs you are listening to.