NCS Theater is Coming Back!


Emma Harrison, Reporter

Northlake Christian is facing many challenges due to COVID-19. The question on many people’s minds is: will we be having a play this year?

According to theater director Kelann Sigl, “Yes, we will be having a stage production this year. I am not certain on how many we will be having. I would love to say that we will be having two productions…”

This is certainly good news for all students, especially those of us who love to act and sing on stage. Theater at NCS is enriching and a wonderful way to show glory to God. This year the theater program will have to do some things differently.

Mrs. Sigl explains, “I’m asking God to help us ‘think out of the box’ for some creative options for having a performance. Some ideas may be a drive-in performance or some other type of outside forum, such as: a pay-per-view movie; a dinner theater at another venue other than the GCC.”

Currently, we have reserved dates at the Greater Covington Center for theater productions in March. Due to the pandemic, there is presently limited seating for the audience and reduced backstage occupancy for the cast and crew. As a result, it is uncertain as to whether there will be an “all-school play.”

One of the plays that Mrs. Sigl is considering is called, “The One Act Play that Goes Wrong.” This is a comedy based on the Tony award winning hit, “The Play that Goes Wrong.” Over the course of the show, the audience can expect “a plethora of disasters – from missed lines to falling props…and more!” Notably, this play seems appropriate given our current state of disaster.

Mrs. Sigl beautifully outlined that, “While things are uncertain this year due to COVID 19, I trust that our Creative God will make a way for us to present a performance that will artfully highlight the amazing talent of the actors and actresses in our Theatre Department. Each year, God goes before us to make certain that the commitment and talent of those students in our Theatre Department is lived out on the stage. I trust that this year will not be any different. I believe that while we may have some unanswered questions about the details of our performances, God will continue to truly be the director of whatever stellar performance/s our students present. In the past 15 years, there has never been a performance that our students present where I do not stand in awe of how God directs and guides each show. I truly believe that this year will not be any different. While this may be a “different” year, we have the same powerful, Creative God who will direct us in overcoming any obstacle that we may face.”

If you are interested in performing on stage or attending a Northlake theater production this year, please contact the Theater Department. Please also be on the lookout for the future Theater productions!