Miss P’s Declassified: School Survival Guide


ned’s declassified: school survival guide

Hanner, Mysterious Reporter

From loans to grades to ramen noodles, it’s difficult to transition from the safe shallow waters of high school to the scary depths of college. Luckily, here’s a few tips and tricks from our favorite college counselor (Miss Pilkington!) to help navigate you. 

Question 1: What and how should I eat when I’m at college?

“Cook at least three things/eat healthy-It’s really easy to eat too much fast food, eat too much in the all you can eat cafeteria, or not eat at all if you are stressed!” 


Question 2: What if I get applications for credit cards? Shouldn’t I get one to build my credit?


“Avoid signing-up for credit cards- The free t-shirt isn’t worth it!”


Maintain a budget- For a lot of students, this is the first time they will be in charge of their monthly finances. Be smart with your money!


Be able to write a check, open a checking account, handle your own finances- Again, this is essential for becoming an adult and being responsible.


Question 3: How can I be sure to be successful in my classes?


 Maintain a great GPA your freshman year (IT’S CRUCIAL)- A strong academic foundation with keep you on solid ground!


Know how to talk to a professor- Professors are NOTHING like high school teachers! You have to make the effort to know their office hours, make no excuses, and respect their subject matter!


Learn good time management skills-It will pay off throughout your life!


Question 4: How do I make the most of my time before I go off into the work world?


Get involved on campus- College can be the time of your life…but not if you are sitting in the dorm room for 4 years!


Make new friends- In high school, you are with the same people for 4 years. In college, you are only with the same class for 12-15 weeks…step out of your comfort zone and make the most of meeting new friends.


 Question 5: Do you have any other pieces of advice?


Know that God is greater than any high or low you will face!”