Serving Up a New Season


Lillian Stegen

The Wolverine Family celebrates a hard earned victory

Hanner, Mysterious Reporter

Have you noticed the cinematic-like glossy posters hanging from your classroom walls? Of course you have, because they’re awesome. Allow me to introduce you to the 2019-2020 volleyball team. Kicking off the season with an exciting game against the Covington Lions, the Lady Wolverines dominated the court. The game left the sardine-packed gym with nail-biting back and forth matches. The scores of each match can speak for itself:

25-11 Northlake, 25-22 Northlake, 23-25 Covington, 18-25 Covington, 15-7 Northlake


“It was the most packed I’ve ever seen the wood gym in my 16 years being here. There was so much hype and energy.” said senior Bailey Deselles. Senior Captain Sarah Graham comments that the volleyball team certainly feels the energy as well.


“Our team has always been a team with a lot of heart. We go out so excited and the louder and more excited we are the better we play. I’m so proud of all the girls and the effort they are putting in this season.”


The Lady Wolverines boast multiple successful seasons, repeatedly competing in the state tournament.  


“The girls have worked so hard all summer. They are looking to be three time repeats to the state tournament at the Pontchartrain Center, and are so excited to go back. Already two games into the season have made a name for themselves.“ said Coach Shannon Puder. The Northlake volleyball team continue to make a name for themselves and look forward to another great season.