Welcome to the Wolverines


Christi Pilkington, Brittany Picou not pictured

Hanner, Mysterious Reporter


This year Northlake Christian is the home to several new faculty members and staff, including Christi Pilkington and Brittany Picou.

Christi Pilkington enthusiastically states, “During my interview, I met with the students and a couple of student groups. Of all of the interviews I have had in my life, Northlake students asked the most intriguing, thought-provoking questions! I was super impressed by how much they knew exactly what kind of College Counselor THEY wanted! I knew this was the job for me, but I love it even more than I anticipated!”

Being a part of the Northlake family, it is only fitting we get to know each other better. These teachers were asked about their favorite hobbies, and it’s clear that the fun doesn’t stop-inside or outside the classroom.

“My hobbies are all over the place…I love antique stores and thrift shops, (It’s like modern-day treasure hunting!) so I started a business several years ago selling the unique finds. I paint and draw, I love to travel and a FESTIVAL of any kind has my full attention! “ states Miss Pilkington.

Miss Pilkington may be new to NCS, but Miss Picou grew up on the Wolverine campus.

The NCS alum and Southeastern grad states, “[Currently] My hobbies have changed over the last 2 years. My biggest “hobby” is playing with my little girl, Esther. When time is not spent playing outside, coloring, etc you can find me either reading a book or cooking up something yummy in the kitchen. I also love movies!”

The two teachers find many ways to incorporate their hobbies into the lessons: mathematical scavenger hunts; confidence-boosting activities; and colorful moral compasses (oh my!). Pilkington and Picou’s students get to engage in fun and interesting learning activities, but the students are not the only one’s learning. These fun-loving faculty members were asked what they have learned so far about teaching.

“ [I’ve learned that] College Counseling is more than asking ACT Scores and GPA’s,” Pilkington explains, “it is investing yourself into each and every student that walks through the door.”

“I love the perspective from which I get to answer this question,” exclaims Miss Picou. “Prior to teaching here, I knew what it felt like to be an NCS student. As a student, I felt treasured and noticed by the teachers and staff here. I knew their purpose here was more than to just teach me. They were here to pour into my life spiritually as well. As a teacher here, I am learning to make my students feel that way as well. I love that I can talk about my faith openly at NCS. Jesus is at the center of this school, just as it should be.”
Amen, Miss Picou.

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