OPINION: Chewing Gum in Schools


Emma Robison, Staff Reporter

For many years, schools have prohibited students from chewing gum in the classroom because it is distracting and messy.  However, it is often argued that this rule is outdated and too traditional. Although gum is often stuck under desks or thrown onto sidewalks, it can also benefit people’s concentration and focus abilities. A recent study said that gum has short term benefits before taking a test. It can help you focus and it has improved test scores. Junior Katherine Bilac agreed that gum is beneficial to her learning environment. 

“It helps me stay awake during long lectures instead of going on my Ipad,” said Bilac.

While students would prefer to have gum allowed on campus, most administrators would argue that it hurts the campus and can be frustrating. First, it does not promote quality public speaking habits. When students give presentations, they will often speak with gum in their mouth which causes them to present less efficiently and be distracting to others. It’s easy for students to be disrespectful while speaking to teachers if they are chewing gum also. Another reason why gum should not be allowed in high schools is because it can create an unsanitary atmosphere. Gum stuck under desks or on the ground can be disgusting and annoying to clean. When you see gum stuck around school it is gross and makes the campus look trashy. 

Others claim that gum helping with concentration is just a myth. With 8 hours of sleep, a healthy breakfast, and good study habits, test scores can be higher, instead of having to chew gum beforehand. While this is true, it can be hard for busy students to accomplish all of these goals. 

Gum in schools is something debated for a long time and it depends on the school how they will deal with it. There are many benefits of gum, but it can also can disrupt the learning environment and cause campuses trouble. Chewing gum in schools is a small battle and administrations much decide what they think is best for their students. 

So, should chewing gum be allowed at school?