Bop your way into Christmas

Copyright: Kidz Bop

Bailey Desselles, Staff Reporter

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It’s Christmas time, and with Christmas comes Christmas music. Everyone has their personal favorite Christmas songs and albums, from Mariah Carey to Michael Buble. While classics, these albums are also generic and overplayed. I decided to search for the perfect, under the radar Christmas album that offers a much-needed twist to our favorite Christmas songs. I promise you all that this is that.

Kidz Bop Christmas. It is a must listen for all avid Christmas lovers.

Hold your scepticism aside and add Kidz Bop Christmas to your playlist this year. Kidz Bop Christmas features children performing classic Christmas songs such as “Frosty the Snowman, “White Christmas,” “All I Want for Christmas is You,” and many more classic, but with a nostalgic twist. With the selection of songs and quality of the singers, you are surely missing out not listening to this album.

This album is great for any type of festivities. I listen to this in my car, at my house, and anywhere else I’m feeling festive and in a Christmas mood. It’s fun. Do yourself a favor and listen.