Volleyball team’s strong bond seen in pre-season jamboree

Zariana Bickham, Staff Reporter

The Varsity Northlake Christian Volleyball team held their jamboree Thursday, Aug. 23 to prepare for the season. The tournament consisted of three games and served as a way for the players to see where they need to make improvements and get out nerves.

“The jamboree was amazing. It felt so good to be back out on the court with everyone,” senior Abby Cramond said. “I’m just so excited to be back playing.”

With the team playing together following off-season training, Head Coach Shannon Puder was able to assess where they stood. According to Puder, they not only met their goals from last year, but are able to increase their goals this year to improve as a team.

“We started our season the way we ended last year. Last year our goal was to bond and [create] unity among the team, and get some of the younger girls some experience, but this year with the work they’ve done in the off-season, we’re able to start at a totally different level. I’m just really excited to compete and take some of the big wins,” Puder said.

The jamboree allowed the players to see their areas of strength and also the areas in which work was needed. Like Puder, Cramond agreed the team has formed a strong bond that will help them through the season.

“Our strengths are that we are so close as a team that the chemistry and the way we play together is close to perfect. And I guess the only weakness I could find is that we just need to get back in groove of everything and then we’d be set,” said Cramond.

“We were able to start off the season very strongly. It was great to get back in the swing of things,” junior Kyren Whittington said.

Each player on the team has advanced so much throughout last season and during the off-season to where they all are capable of playing against anybody.

“We have awesome leadership this year. We have two seniors again, Mia and Abby. Last year we didn’t have any. Also, we have depth in our bench this year. Last year, we only had about seven or eight girls that could get in that varsity match and this year I can look at the bench and throw probably anyone in and they’ll be able to compete,” said Puder.

The team has high goals set this season.

“Making it to state of course, and winning state! But honestly I’m just enjoying the company of my teammates. Every single girl on that team is so special to me,” Cramond said.

Their next game will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 4:30 for JV and 5:30 for Varsity against De La Salle.