Football to Saudi Arabia to Northlake: Trip Holloway’s God-led journey


Trip Holloway pictured from his football career as a young man.

Tyler Mussachia, Staff Reporter

No matter what obstacles stand in the way of Bible and history teacher Trip Holloway, he will always choose the path that God has set for him. Holloway has taught at Northlake for a number of years now, but his plans were not always to be a teacher.

Holloway started playing tackle football when he was 7 years old. During his high school years, Holloway attended Covington High School where he was on the Covington football team. While he was a senior, he led his team through an undefeated season eventually winning a state championship after a loss the previous year in the championship to St. Augustine.

“It was a great victory and a dream come true for a high school kid to be considered the best football team in the state,” said Holloway about the win.

Playing football throughout his life has taught him many different skills and values.

“I think football has really helped in a lot of ways shape my work ethic just putting forth my best effort in whatever I do. On the football field, you can’t get by by putting forth half effort and it’s the same way with life,” Holloway said.

After graduating, Holloway planned on attending Louisiana State University for his athletic abilities, but after practicing one day, Holloway suffered a hampering knee injury, which ended his football career.

Despite this setback, Holloway made new plans by making a family. Holloway married his wife, Anne Holloway, and had multiple children, but this was not all God had in store for the Holloways. Trip received a job offer to go teach in Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia was another wonderful opportunity the Lord has provided for my family and me. Teaching in Saudi Arabia was a great opportunity to raise kids in an environment that enables them to interact with kids around the world,” said Holloway

This is just one of the many examples of how God has come to bless his life in an amazing way. The story of Trip Holloway is one of ups and downs, but it also tells a story about overcoming obstacles and having patience to see what God has in store for your life.