Dixon’s share story of love, family, life


Abbi Vega, Staff Reporter

Northlake Christian Upper School teachers Taylor and Ben Dixon re-joined the Northlake family this school year with their new daughter, Savannah. The couple is one of many with a special love story.

Taylor grew up in New Orleans and her family moved to Covington while she stayed at college. After graduating college, she moved to Covington and got a job at Northlake.

Taylor worked at Northlake for a year, temporarily left, and came back for the 2017-2018 school year, but this time with her husband, Ben. Taylor currently teaches multiple sciences and Ben teaches Freshman Bible.

They recently added a third member to their family when their daughter, Savannah, was born. Their family began, however, when they met in college.

“We met in college. We were both on the track team. But we really got to know each other through Fellowship of Christian Athletics,” said Taylor.“We were in New Orleans and had planned to go to the aquarium. We walked through the Riverwalk first. When we [went] outside, [and] he suggested we walk to the river. Our families were all hiding to take pictures and a video. He proposed near the river.”

All husbands and wives have many favorite qualities about their spouse. Taylor and Ben Dixon explained the ones they adore about each other.

“From the beginning of our relationship, Ben has always been very caring. He is selfless and forgiving in all things,” Taylor answered.

“She loves the Lord, [she’s] ultra hot, and super smart. I’m hoping all of these things carry on to our kid,” said Ben.

After receiving the exciting news of Taylor being pregnant, the couple was very excited, even though Ben did not believe her at first.

On the drive back from their gender reveal, the Dixons looked through names and loved the name, Savannah.
Taylor highlights the day her child was born. It was an exciting and difficult experience.

“The days leading up to Savannah’s birth were exciting, but the actual day she was born was very difficult and chaotic. I don’t remember much from an hour before she was born to a few hours after. It was all very worth it, though,” explained Taylor.

In life, people make many memories, some good and some bad. A good memory of the Dixon’s daughter was made when Savannah was born this past fall.

“My first memory of her is seeing Ben hold her in the hospital room. I was still out of it but it was a sweet moment,” mentions Taylor.

Taylor and Ben Dixon are only one of many married couples on staff at Northlake. They also are not alone in bringing in a new Wolverine into their family this season as couple and teacher’s Kaylee and Eli Lewellyn also are expecting a new baby in the following months.