Wolverettes show excellence, growth in season


Wolverettes gather while at Disney for competition.

Zariana Bickham, Staff Reporter

The Northlake Christian School Wolverettes Dance Team consists of 17 passionate girls. The girls work very hard each season preparing for football games, pep rallies, and competitions.

Coach Nicole Ferand and Captain Caroline Ellzey highlights on their view of how the team did at both state and nationals. Even while facing tough teams, the Wolverettes stayed confident and pulled through.

“The team did very well at both state and nationals. Both competitions have very talented teams with girls who have been dancing together their whole lives. Considering our team has a lot of new members, we really came through this year,” Caroline Ellzey said.

“The team did exactly what was asked of them. They worked hard and proved to everyone that despite being a new team, [the] Wolverettes are ready to take it to the next level competitively,” Ferand said. “In many categories, we were 1-2 points away from the next placement. That’s huge. One point away from first place on a rebuilding year is something special. This team is going places.”

Out of all the dancing they do, kick is the main focus the team works on. The Wolverettes have reached a lot of success in this season.

“I mean kick is our specialty and we placed 2nd at nationals. We also got to do hip hop which never happens while placing well at both competitions. So the team did fantastic in my eyes for sure,” Ellzey said.

Ellzey has had a passion for the dance team for the majority of her life and she is happy with the position she has been placed in as part of the dance team.

“Being captain this year has been great. It’s such an honor and definitely something I’ve wanted since the 5th grade haha” Ellzey said.

As the team went from having nine girls participating to 17 members, it took time to become the team they are now.

“Again, we have a very new team with 12 new members and only 5 veterans. With dance team, it’s all about feeling off of your team and dancing at the same level with the same energy. It’s very hard to do that and get the feel for it,” Ellzey said. “By the end of this year, we mastered it. Yeah it took time, but we have upped our skill level with all of these talented girls and dang we’re kick in’–literally. We’ve grown so close as a team and that family feeling will always remain in the Wolverette name. I truly love this team and watching the growth from year to year, beginning to end, is a great feeling. I feel like a proud mama haha.”

Ms. Ferand has goals for the upcoming season of the dance team.

“Next season I would like for the team to see their true potential. The reality of taking home a win is an arm’s reach away. If they continue to work hard, a big win is in the future,” Ferand said.

If interested in being apart of the dance team, be prepared for hard work and commitment. The tryouts are in April on the 9th, 10th, and 13th.