New teacher, Dr. Porter, shares her story


Abbi Vega, Staff Reporter

The second quarter of the 2017-2018 school year is just starting, and there has been a lot happening in the Northlake Christian Upper School, including many new teachers on campus. Students and teachers are checked on regularly by administration and other teachers. This is a way of creating a close-knit community within the school.

Upper School Teacher Dr. Betty Porter was asked to give an update on her life.

This is Porter’s first year teaching at Northlake Christian School. She currently teaches 4 different types of classes including Advanced Math, Precalculus, ACT Prep and Environmental Science.
Although teaching has been a large part of Porter’s life, she recalls many adventures from her childhood and after. When Porter was a little girl, she had a love for the indoors and outdoors.
“I was a Girl Scout. I like to cross-stitch and play with my horse,” said Porter.
Porter had many hobbies that took place outdoors.
“I like to do everything. My mom was someone who thought you should be very well-rounded and that I could be a tomboy and ride my horses and play sports, and I also had to know how to take care of the house and cook,” said Porter.

She still enjoys many of these hobbies.
Porter went to many different schools and colleges in her life; including, De La Salle for high school, and University of New Orleans and Delgado University for college.
After 5 years of dating, Porter married her husband and they have been married for 47 years.
“We didn’t have kids until late in life, so we did a lot of traveling, then we had kids, but we still traveled because we were so used to it. [We traveled] everywhere in the United States and Jerusalem. Once a year we go somewhere,” said Porter.

Porter has been teaching for 47 years. Throughout these years of teaching, she has taught preschool, junior high and high school, but never elementary school. Not only had Porter taught, she has also been involved on the administration.

“I owned and directed a preschool,” said Porter.

Porter highlighted one of her funniest moments while teaching.
“I told a child who was fiddling with stuff under his desk to hand it to me and he handed me a live snake. He put it in my hand and it went up my arm, and I went freaking crazy running down the hall to the principal’s office,” said Porter.

Porter has many favorite moments while teaching, but she comments on her favorite.

“When it clicks [and a student gets it,]” said Porter.

The 2017-2018 school year is Dr. Porter’s first year as a teacher at Northlake. Although she has taught before, the experience is unique at Northlake.

“Busy, very busy, fun, exciting, good, lots of meetings and very busy,” mentioned Porter.

When questioned about her favorite part of teaching at Northlake, Porter’s reply was not surprising.
“The kids, I enjoy the kids,” replied Porter.

The worst part? “All the meetings,” said Porter, laughingly.